Our Favorite Brotherhood Riesling & Food Pairings

Did you feel it, too? The warm sunshine and the smell of melting earth? Last week’s warm up has us dreaming about spring and reaching for lighter, more delicate wines. Brotherhood Riesling, one of our featured wines, is just that! With delicate floral aromas of pear and apple and a crisp, a fruity finish, Brotherhood Riesling is the perfect white wine to help us ease into warmer weather.


Brotherhood imported riesling grapes from Johannisberg in Germany to the Finger Lakes region where they thrive in optimal growing conditions. Brotherhood Riesling is cold-fermented to capture the fresh fruit flavors and aromatics. It’s bottled during the spring after harvest to show off the riesling grapes’ fruitiness.


Brotherhood Riesling complements so many foods, and we thought we’d share some of our favorite pairings with you! Enjoy your next glass of Brotherhood Riesling with:


  • Bleu cheese and dried fruits
  • Salmon and other light seafood
  • Thai food
  • Apples and apple-based dishes
  • Baked ham and pork
  • Summer fruits

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