A Message from National Sales Director Stephen Pollack


is what I believe to be the natural next step in my wine and spirits career. A brand that will change the way the consumer shops for wine and spirits. A beacon to use when you want – a wine that truly satisfies, that leaves you wanting another sip. A brand that is tasted and approved before it is bottled. A brand that is authentic, transparent and made from growers and wineries that believe quality is the most important aspect.

MOON TREE is the attractive vessel and concept to sell this wine in retailers by having Legacy in a Glass supporting the brand with tasting notes, videos, social media pre-sell this brand to get the word out. Growers, wineries, distributors and suppliers. If you are interested in joining this revolution by making a wine that may qualify to be in the MOON TREE brand or be part of the brand helping us distribute and get in front of retailers. we would love to hear from you. Any retailer interested in being different by working with Legacy in a Glass and be the first to carry MOON TREE, or contact us and let us know what style you are looking for and be part of tasting what your consumers want.

Please reach out to Steve Pollack at spollack@legacyinaglass.com

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