Latest Wine Trends To Look Out For

Many industries have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, from healthcare to retail to even entertainment. The wine and spirits industry has also experienced some unexpected shifts over these last few months, particularly with the way consumers are going about purchasing their favorite alcoholic beverages.


“My opinion is with COVID, many of the wine trends turned into convenience brands or the top 10 most recognizable brands on sale,” says Steve Pollack, National Sales Director at Legacy in a Glass. “This is what helped drive online sales and make direct-to-consumer a viable option for wine drinkers who are looking for something better and having it delivered to their homes.”


There’s no doubt that the current pandemic has definitely changed the landscape of the wine and spirits industry, with both retailers and consumers getting creative with the ways in which they purchase and enjoy wine. Here are a few of the latest wine trends you can expect to see this year!

Wine Delivery

As Steve mentioned earlier, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many consumers to turn to alternative ways of getting their hands on their favorite bottles of wine. Direct-to-consumer wines, like Legacy’s new Moon Tree range, have offered a convenient solution for wine lovers who may not be able to or don’t want to go to the store.

Wine Clubs

Another popular trend you can expect to see more of this year is the introduction of wine clubs. Wine clubs are subscription services that deliver wine to your front door, typically monthly or bimonthly. Subscribing to a wine club is a great way to try different wines that were chosen just for you, allowing you to save money by sampling a select group of wine for one flat price, rather than having to buy each bottle individually. While some wine club subscriptions tend to be on the pricier side, there are several more affordable options for the casual wine drinker or anyone looking to stick to a budget.

Virtual Wine Tastings

One of the things that the Legacy team has been missing the most lately is attending wine tasting events! While in-person wine tastings have been put on hold for the foreseeable future, virtual wine tastings are fun alternatives to these types of events. “In this day and age with everything going on in the world, between social distancing and people staying at home so much more, virtual tastings may be the way to go,” says Jennilyn Pollack, Legacy’s Sales and Product Development Specialist. “A lot of habits and behaviors are learned. So why not wine tastings at home on your computer or television screen?”


Virtual wine tastings typically work by participants purchasing a pre-selected tasting pack and then tuning in for a video session led by a featured person. Some virtual wine tastings even feature a wine and cheese segment, making these types of events perfect for date nights!


“Wine is the absolute beverage for couples or wine lovers to share a social engagement with virtual tastings,” says Steve. “Wine provides so many different complexities and flavors that it becomes the perfect introduction. Stay tuned for a possible Moon Tree virtual tasting!”

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