Jennilyn - Turning a Passion into a Career

It’s safe to say that Jennilyn Pollack is a true wine connoisseur. From an early age Jennilyn, Legacy in a Glass’s Sales and Product Development Specialist, found herself fascinated with wine, from the grapes growing in vineyards to the taste of the final product. With nearly 20 years of working experience in the wine and spirits industry, Jennilyn is an expert of her craft and a trusted voice in the world of wine.

Initial Interest

From as long as she can remember, wine was always Jennilyn’s beverage of choice. “I always liked wine as a young adult,” she says, “before I even knew it was going to be a career. Everyone else wanted these fancy mixed drinks, but I always drank wine.” When Jennilyn graduated from high school, she was faced with the decision of where she wanted to take her celebratory trip. “Back then, everyone took trips to the shore,” she recalls, “I went to Italy.” At just 18 years old, Jennilyn took out a personal loan and booked a two-week trip to Italy alone. “I loved it,” says Jennilyn. “I drank local wine and ate local foods. I even met Pavarotti in a small cafe in Sorrento! He got up and sang a song in this little restaurant.”


When she returned to the states, Jennilyn began immersing herself in all things wine. “I wanted to try wine from different places, that fascinated me,” she says. “I attended classes for years at The Woodlands, I went to wine dinners, and I even ended up teaching some of those classes!” It was during this time that Jennilyn would meet her future husband, Steve Pollack. Both Steve and Jennilyn were working in the retail wine and spirits industry and would regularly cross paths. “Steve worked in Clarks Summit, and I worked in Dallas,” Jennilyn remembers. “I would travel up to Steve’s store to pick up wine, then drive to Harrisburg to ask for increases for my store.” The pair started spending more time together on their drives to wine seminars, and the rest is history!

From Lifelong Passion to Fulfilling Career

Taking her passion for wine and turning it into an exciting and fulfilling career is something that Jennilyn takes immense pride in. When asked about her favorite part of the job, Jennilyn notes being able to try different wines from around the world. “Everything affects a vineyard and the grapes, whether it’s the sun, water, or flowers,” she says. “Everything that is planted around a vineyard affects the taste of the wine. If a vineyard is by the ocean, you can taste hints of the sea in the wine. If there is eucalyptus planted near a vineyard, you’ll taste notes of that.”


When it comes to a typical working day at Legacy in a Glass, Jennilyn says each day is different. “I do a little bit of everything,” she shares. “I search wine trends online, prosecco and rose are really popular right now, as well as natural wine and orange wine.” A good portion of Jennilyn’s days are spent reaching out to wineries and getting ideas for Legacy customers would be interested in. “I get to talk to people around the world, in California, Spain, Argentina, and Greece,” she says. “Every day is unique.” One of the proudest moments in Jennilyn’s career was watching the creation of Moon Tree, from the initial idea formed in Steve and Jennilyn’s backyard to the final product. “We got to go to Shannon Ridge and see the label for the first time and watch the bottles of Moon Tree rolling down the line,” she says. “That was really cool.”

Building Industry Relationships

Over the course of her impressive career, Jennilyn has built a network of loyal consumers and business partners who trust her recommendations for wine and spirits. When asked if she has any advice for networking and forming those important relationships within the industry, Jennilyn has plenty of wisdom to share. “Show your passion,” she says. “Always be courteous and understanding toward everyone you’re working with. It’s also important to make sure you have a great website. People love looking at a good website and interacting, sharing their opinions.” For Jennilyn, the most important thing at the end of the day is teamwork and a collaborative spirit. “We all have the same goal but just different jobs and expectations,” she shares, “so you just have to remember that.”

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