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The COVID-19 pandemic has turned life as we know it upside down, with concerts, weddings, and other events being cancelled until further notice. Among the many businesses that have been affected by the pandemic, the wine industry has also been forced to adapt to the unpredictable nature of the virus. However, the wine industry has proven to be resilient and capable of adapting to these changing times, especially when it comes to wine tasting.


Hosting a virtual wine tasting is a great way to sample some great wines while also spending quality time with loved ones. Here are a few of our favorite tips for hosting the perfect virtual wine tasting that will have your friends and family buzzing!

Invite Your Crew

When it comes to hosting a virtual wine tasting, it’s best to keep your guest list on the smaller side. Things can quickly get chaotic if you invite too many people, and it will be harder to interact with everyone in the group. A good rule of thumb is to keep your guest list under six or so people. If you are inviting couples, try narrowing it down to only three or four couples, assuming that each couple will be sharing a screen. Keeping your guest list small will ensure that everyone has a chance to talk, and you’ll be able to spend (virtual) quality time with each of your guests.

Choose Your Wine

This is the fun part! First, decide on the “theme” of your virtual wine tasting. For example, if you and your guests enjoy red wine, choose five or six red varieties to sample. If you’ve always been fascinated with a particular region, base the evening around sampling wines from that region. For an even better wine tasting experience, sample Legacy in a Glass’s Moon Tree range. From chardonnay to cabernet sauvignon, Moon Tree truly has something for everyone.

Take Notes

When it comes time to start the wine tasting, be sure to have a journal ready to jot down some notes, and encourage your guests to do the same. You’ll want to take notes on the name of each wine, the region it’s from, the notes you taste, etc. You can also download and print pre-written wine tasting templates and fill them in as you go!

Virtual tastings allow you to get together without even traveling. I always liked tasting with friends and just enjoying the moment and discussion of what, where, why, and how about the wines. So many different aromas and flavors, much easier recognizing them when someone else mentions a flavor or aroma that you just could not put a finger on.

Get Creative

Wine tastings are supposed to be fun, so don’t be afraid to get creative! If you’re feeling crafty, DIY some personalized wine glasses for your guests (just be sure to mail them out well in advance). “You can do a blind tasting where all participants put the bottle in a brown bag and only give a few hints on country, region, vintage and see who can pick the variety from tasting the wine,” says Steve Pollack, National Sales Director at Legacy in a Glass. You can also spice up the evening by playing some fun games or asking each person to share something about their day. Virtual wine tastings don’t have to be boring, and there are no rules you have to follow. Sit back, sip some delicious wines, and enjoy the company of your loved ones!


“There are many things COVID has taken away, but it also provided a think tank on how to adapt and adjust,” Steve says. “Virtual tastings are here to stay.”

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