Creating a Father's Day Legacy

At Legacy in a Glass, family is everything. With over 50 years of combined experience in the wine and spirits industry and a unique, hands-on approach, these talented experts put their hearts and souls into everything they do.

With Father’s Day right around the corner, the Legacy team is gearing up for another busy holiday weekend. We recently chatted with Rick Kornfeld and Steve and Jennilyn Pollack about their favorite Father’s Day memories and the wines they would recommend for dad this year.


A Trip Down Memory Lane

“My father grew up in the restaurant industry,” Rick shares. “There was an iconic French restaurant in New York City named Lutece, and my father became friends with the chef.” While spending time at the restaurant, Rick’s father had the chance to sample different types of French wines. “My dad liked to vacation in the South of France,” Rick recalls. “So he liked the French red wine. It was his go-to.”

Much like Rick, Jennilyn also grew up in a family of passionate wine drinkers. “My father used to make wine in the basement,” she shares. “He used to let us sample it. I remember one Father’s Day we went to a park and I brought a bottle of dandelion wine. It was the first bottle of wine I ever shared with my father.”


Legacy in a Glass - Rick's Dad

Rick’s Dad


When it comes to Steve, he considers himself a first generation wine drinker. “My father was a shot and a beer kind of guy,” he laughs. “With our kids, beer isn’t the main focus at our table anymore. It’s wine. Wine is a lifestyle for me and Jennilyn.” Steve and Jennilyn are proud to pass their love of the craft down to their children, with Steve sharing “When the kids come over now, they ask if we have wine.”


Picking Out the Perfect Wine for Dad

Selecting the perfect wine to give dad this Father’s Day can be tough with so many great options on the market. Luckily, the Legacy team has some amazing recommendations! “The reds are kind of dominating, manly,” says Steve. “A lot of guys smoke cigars, so I would recommend the Moon Tree Bourbon Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon. That would go with a nice cigar.” When it comes to red wine, Jennilyn agrees that a darker blend is best for Father’s Day. “It depends on the food,” she shares. “If you’re having steak or ribs, then red. Even pasta goes with a red blend.”

Aside from Legacy’s own Moon Tree wines, there are a few other brands that Rick, Steve and Jennilyn swear by. “Decoy and Duckhorn both make very good wine,” Rick says. “Decoy’s prices are reasonable, and Duckhorn is perfect for a more high-end bottle of wine.” Steve also shares the same sentiment, saying “the Duckhorn Merlot from the 1980s really defined what Duckhorn is good at.”

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