Choosing The Right Glassware For Your Wine

Selecting the right glassware to enjoy your favorite bottle of wine is a delicate art. With so many different options on the market, it can be tough to know which to choose. While stemless wine glasses are all the rage right now and tend to be less likely to topple over and spill, traditional glasses continue to be the go-to for many avid wine drinkers.


“I use JBHO wine glasses,” says Steve Pollack, Legacy in a Glass’s National Sales Director. “They are crystal, durable, and pretty affordable.” If you’re in the market for new glassware but aren’t sure where to start, here is our helpful guide for choosing a set of wine glasses you’ll love.

White Wine Glasses

The type of glass you use can have an effect on the taste of your wine, which is why it is important to choose wisely. When it comes to white wines like pinot grigio or sauvignon blanc, a smaller bowled glass is typically the way to go. Smaller glasses have been known to preserve floral aromas, maintain a cooler temperature, express more acidity, and deliver more aromas. Full-bodied white wines, however, are better served in a larger bowl, which can help showcase a creamier texture.

Red Wine Glasses

For bolder red wines like cabernet sauvignon or bordeaux, larger glasses with a wide opening tend to taste smoother. These larger glasses deliver more aroma, lets the ethanol evaporate, and helps the wine taste smoother. Standard-size glasses are perfect for medium to full-bodied red wines with spicy notes, as the smaller opening allows the spices to hit your tongue slower.

Specialty Wine Glasses

Specialty wines, like sparkling wine or dessert wine, are best enjoyed in glasses specific to their uniqueness. For sparkling wines, flute and tulip glasses tend to be the most popular, while dessert wines tend to be smaller, with sherry and port glasses being some of the most commonly used.

Universal Wine Glasses

Universal wine glasses are becoming increasingly more popular, as they provide a uniformed look at any dinner party or special event. Universal wine glasses are also great for occasions where you may be serving a diverse array of wines and are perfect for holding pink, white, and red wines alike.


When it comes to choosing the right glassware, it is important to select glasses based on your individual taste and preferences. With the right glassware, you’ll look forward to enjoying your favorite wines and entertaining friends and family for years to come!

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