Celebrate the holiday season with Moon Tree

The holidays are a time to reflect on all that we have to be thankful for and reconnect with our loved ones. Here at Legacy in a Glass, family is everything to us, and even though the current pandemic has made it harder to spend quality time with those we cherish most, we are looking forward to seeing what this holiday season has in store for us.


One of the most exciting things this year for the Legacy team is getting to spend the holidays with Moon Tree. With six different varieties to choose from, our range of wines make the perfect additions to any holiday gathering, even virtual ones. If you’re still not convinced, here are a few no-brainer reasons why you should celebrate this holiday season with Moon Tree.


They’re Delicious

Moon Tree wines are authentic, transparent, and made with quality in mind. Whether you’re more of a white wine or red wine drinker, the Moon Tree range truly has something for everyone. This year has been challenging at best, so why not take advantage of the little perks in life, like a delicious glass of wine that truly satisfies. “When I developed the concept of Moon Tree wines, I wanted to show how wine that is grown and nurtured and made by a superstar winemaker (Joy Merrilees) is so much better than the commercial, machine grade products that fill most grocery and retail shelves today,” Says Steve Pollack, Legacy’s National Sales Director. “Taste the difference.”


They’re Affordable

Every wine in the Moon Tree range retails for less than $20, making Moon Tree an affordable and accessible option for all wine drinkers. At Legacy in a Glass, we believe that everybody should experience quality wine, regardless of budget. Affordable but delicious wines are always sought after, especially during the holiday season. This year, give the gift of Moon Tree!


They’re Family-Owned

We mentioned earlier that family is everything here at Legacy in a Glass, and that is reflected in our close-knit team! “You know, going into business together as husband and wife has brought us closer, yet, both having a lot of experience in the wine business from different aspects,” says Steve. “Hers being retail and product development and mine being purchasing and sales. At times we disagree on certain things, but in the end, the different ideas keep what we are doing fresh and relevant.”


To see the full range of Moon Tree wines, visit https://legacyinaglass.com/moon-tree/

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