Tommy Bahama Island Spirits

Our friends at Coral Cay Distilling proved what we always sort of believed, that every spirit has a bit of island joy in it. You just have to know where to find it. Through a delicate cold distillation process, they pull out the gentlest botanicals and fruits and spices that whisk you away to your favorite sun-drenched beach.

Island Gin

From our friends at Coral Cay Distilling, Tommy Bahama Island Gin is cold distilled from the finest botanicals, a process that summons the delicate flavors from juniper, fresh cucumber, grapefruit and spices. 93 proof.

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Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Aged season by season on the shores of Lake Chelan in Washington, Tommy Bahama spent nearly a decade drawing all the flavor out of charred oak barrels to create an unforgettable bourbon experience. 93 proof.

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Tommy No. 2

Drink up, me hearties! Yo Ho! Tommy Bahama’s Tommy No. 2 rum puts island life in a bottle. It’s aged for at least eight years, then finished in whisky barrels – utterly rich and smooth. 80 proof.

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