Winemaking, particularly the production of bubbly, drives the local economy in the quiet village of Santo Stefano Belbo, in the renowned Asti region of northwest Italy. There, vineyards creep up the hillsides, their roots dug deep into chalky soil that’s richened with ancient sea fossils. It’s where our friends at Ribertinelo went to source exquisite grapes for their signature moscato.


This classic frizzante moscato hails from Italy where it is produced by one of the most prestigious wineries in the Asti region. Drink this sweet and delicate, aromatic wine while it is young to exalt its fruity flavors best. Ribertinelo Moscato is low calorie, vegan and kosher wine. Enjoy it with desserts, especially pastries. It’s also very good with light tapas and spicy Thai or sushi. It’s a terrific aperitif, an any-time wine good for brunch and breakfast, too.

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