La Garnacha

Once forgotten, the garnacha grapes of Spain found their hero in vintner Raúl Acha, who saved his languishing family vineyards from potential uprooting. Thanks in part to his efforts through Proyecto Garnachas, the once mid-shelf grapes now have a place at the head of the world’s table.

La Garnacha Olvidada De Aragon Calatayud

Garnacha Olvidada de Aragón is a red wine from Calatayud DO region in Spain, prepared by Project Garnacha. This is a personal project of Raúl Acha that relies on researching and selecting varietal Grenache from ancient vineyards that best express the essence of this variety.

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La Garnacha Salvaje

This is a grenache wine from Calatayud DO region of Spain, and part of the Project Garnacha. This project is a tribute to the Garnacha grape, a variety historically forgotten and neglected because of its complicated viticulture. The concept is simple: find old, neglected Garnacha vineyards and bring them back to life. Wild by name (salvaje means wild) and wild by nature, this splendid Garnacha has a real sense of mountain freshness and scrubland herbiness.

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