Hacienda Lopez de Haro

Nestled in the rocky Spanish terrain just south of the Cantabrian Sea, Lopez de Haro sits where prehistoric vintners squeezed grapes into wine using stone presses more than 2,000 years ago. Here the best tempranillo grapes grow thanks to poor soil quality, which lowers yields but dramatically improves the richness of each bunch.


Made with a blend of tempranillo, garnacha and graciano grapes, Lopez de Haro’s Crianza is a classic Rioja with aromas of cream, cocoa and vanilla from the barrel with black and ripe fruits. Its pleasant, elegant profile shows fresh sensations from beginning to end with good structure and velvety character of its barrel aging.

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It’s a good thing that stressed grapes make sumptuous wine, because the tempranillo and graciano grapes of Lopez de Haro’s Reserva 2015 vintage are a bona fide train wreck. An orchestra of dry, hot summer months, poor soil in La Rioja and the hail storm that struck at the end of August cue up a harmonious symphony of spices, vanilla and ripe fruit with earthy notes of tobacco and cocoa. It’s light yet round with a persistent mouth that leaves behind hints of balsamic.

Find Lopez de Haro Reserva at one of our local partner retailers.