About Legacy in a Glass

We have over 50 years combined experience in all aspects of the wine and spirits industry. Legacy in a Glass is the product that represents our relentless drive to bring quality back to the shelves. Over the past ten years, we have watched the wine and spirits industry become consolidated and dominated by big box brand companies. These companies offer margin, packaging gimmicks, flavoring additives and pretty labels, and make quality the lowest priority. Legacy in a Glass will give a unique opportunity to growers, wineries, retailers, and suppliers who are tired of buying the same old tired brands from the same old tired companies. We are a one stop shop — able to take your brand from vineyard or distillery to market. We work with a vast network of industry people who share our mission. We’re making what’s in the bottle as important as what’s on the bottle. Come join us, and let’s start the revolution.

Stephen Pollack

National Sales Director

I have been in the Wine and Spirits industry for 31 years. I have tasted more wine and spirits than I could ever count over those three decades of my career. I’ve negotiated and purchased luxury wine for the State of Pa. from all over the world, with a concentration on highly sought after icon wines.

As a part of the very popular Chairman Selection Program, a discount wine and spirits Program for the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, I have acted as the purchasing agent for selecting the program’s wine choices . I have also worked in the most consumer-facing side of the retail business; selling wine and spirits and ultimately educating the consumer prior to their becoming a buyer.

My career has been grass roots driven by a passion to learn, educate and offer the consumer the best wines in the industry at every price point. I’ve always considered my journey to success in this industry to be much more than a job: it’s been a lifestyle.

I’ve learned that many people in this industry talk the talk. I walk the walk. My career with Legacy in a Glass provides me the opportunity to take my knowledge, passion and palate to the national market. My promise to you is this: the network I’ve established and the wines and spirits I work with will be the best in the business. Be different. Make a difference.

Jennilyn Pollack

Sales / Product Development

Wine has been a part of my life long before my nearly 20 year career in the retail side of the industry. Attending numerous seminars, wine tastings, wine dinners, wine clubs, and various educational classes, I have built a network of loyal consumers and businesses who trust my recommendations for both wines and spirits that have helped to guide their choices when conducting wine tastings and proposing food pairings. I understand that what it takes to build this trust of the consumer is not only knowing the product I am selling, but more importantly, knowing the wants and needs of the consumer. This is a learned skill, built upon the foundation of many years of passion and experience developing a precise and nuanced palate.

The name of our business really defines my mission. The best wines I have tasted are those whose legacy remains with you forever. I’m here to help create that experience for our clients.

Rick Kornfeld

Director of Operations

As a managing partner of Legacy in a Glass with decades of successful experience in event planning and managing day to day operations in hospitality business, I’ve become a strong believer in the power of sales and bringing in new business.

As the general manager of the family-owned and operated Woodlands Inn, I’ve worked for over 25 years in a boutique-style hotel, conference, and event space in Northeastern Pennsylvania originally founded by my father and my uncle. They later became my mentors and taught me that success isn’t a given; it’s the product of hard work and sacrifice.

In 2016 I decided to say goodbye to the hotel business to pursue my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. After meeting Steve one day and witnessing his enthusiasm for wine and spirits I was inspired to start a new business. And just months later, Legacy in a Glass was created. I knew the very moment I met Steve that I wanted to bring him onto the team. His extensive knowledge, invaluable experience and unbelievable passion for wine is unparalleled and second to none.

Ron Oley


Although a relative newcomer to the wine and spirit industry compared to the veterans above, what I may lack in experience I more than make up for in my passion for the craft.  Whether fermented, brewed, or distilled, my appreciation for the process and experience of all things spirituous is matched only by my desire to immerse myself in the process.  Whether it’s beer, wine, or spirits – from tasting to creating, I consistently implement a well-rounded approach to understanding these industries and their contributions to culture, business, and the world.

Legacy in a Glass - Ron Oley - Consultant